Cosmic Ankh


This handmade jewel represents the Ankh for the new era. A time in which the masculine and feminine energies are balanced once more.
Wearing this jewel assures that you carry those energies close to your heart all the time.

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“The Key for the New Era”

In ancient Egypt the Ankh was a widespread tool, which was used as a resonance key. With the help of this key they were able to open energy centers in their energy fields.
Since we are evolving into a more feminine era, where the balance of all energies becomes really important, the Ankh evolved into a more fluid shape.

This Ankh has been designed to remember Man to his cosmic roots. Man is and has always been a spirit of Light. By wearing this Ankh, you deeply implement this message into every cell of your being. The masculine and feminine energies are truly balanced in this design. The Ankh symbolises Man in unity and harmony with his reintegrated energies in a direct connexion with the Cosmos.

This jewel is handmade with 18 karats gold or pure Sterling Silver. Each one has a unique laser-mark, assuring that it is an original design. The jewels are also plated with rhodium, making them shiny and weather proof.
They are delivered in a stylish box with an accompanying description.

Dimensions: 33mm x 20mm x 1mm

Since they will be hand-made on demand, take a delivery time from 1-2 months into account. Each piece of jewellery is produced according the highest standards.
(exclusive the necklace)

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Sterling Silver, Yellow Gold, White Gold